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Still Raining in Shanghai - 136 Year-Old Record Broken

It has been raining now for 20 continuous days in Shanghai. This breaks the 136 year-old record for the longest continuous downpour.

According to the China Daily newspaper, the wet weather has also affected the number of people suffering from depression. Since mid-February, local mental health centers have seen an increase of patients to the tune of about 10 to 20 percent.Many of the patients are young or middle-aged office workers (usually with a history of depression).

The Shanghai Youth Daily, quoting a doctor, has reported that the recent rise in patient numbers is due to "seasonal affective disorder" (also known as "winter blues"), and attributed directly to the recent bad weather.

The symptoms of S.A.D., include sadness, anxiety and the inability to concentrate.

The rain is expected to ease off this week but more showers are expected this weekend.

Mental health experts have suggested that Shanghai residents can help avoid suffering the S.A.D. disorder by listening to light music, using bright lights at homes or offices, or exercising daily.