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The Oasis Saga Continues - Not Banned After All?

Now this has all got very interesting, and turning into a real saga. In the previous article at Shanghai Junction, we wrote that the "bad boys" had been banned from their performing their gigs in Beijing and Shanghai. This is what all the news sources were saying a few days ago. Now it seems that those same sources are going back on their stories.

China's Ministry of Culture has come out and made a statement, that it did not ban the British rock & roll band.

According to Sun Qiuxia, an official with the department of entertainment market under the ministry, "We have learned that the promoters of their concerts in China came across some financial problems. But we haven't received any formal document from the companies about canceling the concerts."

She stressed that the ministry has approved Oasis' two concerts, April 3 in Beijing and April 5 in Shanghai, and did not revoke them.

According to the Beijing Times, the concerts were cancelled because one of the concerts' promoters, Beijing-based performing company Suoyou had some problems with cash flow.

The promoters are apparently working on a solution about how to refund money to those who have bought tickets.

The initial story stating that the concerts in China were called off because Chinese authorities discovered band member Noel Gallagher had appeared at a "Free Tibet" benefit concert in the United States in 1997, was (apparently) originally published by Reuters.