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                     • Shanghai's Newest Child Star

Our featured gallery, is that of a cute little friend of ours here at the Shanghai Junction. Jaime Zheng Jiayang is the offspring of a Shanghainese mother and Australian father. The photo shoot is one that was done on location in Shanghai for one of the largest baby magazines published throughout China.

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Scale Model Shanghai

This has got to be seen to be believed. Located at 100 Renmin Avenue, the Shanghai Planning Exhibition Hall has a total floor space of 19,000 square metres and embodies the theme of 'city, man, environment and development'. The main attraction as shown in this picture gallery, is the model of urban planning, showing Shanghai in the year 2010 after all the newest planned buildings are completed. It is built to the proportion and is the world's largest urban planning model.

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Long Hua Temple

The Long Hua Temple (Chinese: 龙华寺; pinyin: Lónghúa Sì, literally "Lustre of the Dragon Temple") is a Buddhist Temple dedicated to the Maitreya Buddha in Shanghai Municipality, China. Although most of the present-day buildings date from later reconstructions, the temple preserves the architectural design of a Song Dynasty monastery of the Buddhist Chan sect. It is the largest, most authentic and complete ancient temple complex in the city of Shanghai.

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Jing'An Temple

Jing'an Temple (Chinese: 静安寺; pinyin: Jìng'ānsì; literally "Temple of Peace and Tranquility") is a Buddhist temple on West Nanjing Road, in Jing'an District, Shanghai, China. The first temple was built in 247 AD, at the time of the Kingdom of Wu, during the Three Kingdoms period. Originally located beside Suzhou Creek, it was relocated to its current site in 1216 during the Song Dynasty. The current temple was rebuilt once in the Qing Dynasty. It's most recent renovation was in late 2008.

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